We Care Designs, LLC
The Para Ladder
Manual Lift
Meets ADA 2010 Pool Standards


Q. I'm concerned I'm not strong enough to use a Para Ladder.
A. It is easier than you may think because you are not lifting your entire body, just you upper body. If you have the arm strength to lift yourself off of a chair, you can use the Para Ladder. Able-bodied users can also use their legs to assist in the lifting sequence.
Wheelchair users that can do a pressure release lift can use the Para Ladder.

Q. How heavy is it?
A. The PL1000 folding unit weighs only 11 lbs. The PLC6000 ridged frame weighs only10 lbs.

Q. I'm in a wheelchair; how does it attach?
A. Velcro straps secured around the frame of the Para Ladder to assure a stable connection.

Q. Can it be used at pools or spas?
A. Yes, because of the water resistant aluminum construction, one can use it at pools or spas. One can safely go to a pool or spa deck and return after enjoying the benefits of water exercise and recreation.

Q. I am 80 years old, can I use the Para Ladder?
A. Age does not matter. If you have the arm strength to lift yourself off a chair, then you can use the Para Ladder. Occasionally, a person will not have the strength to use it independently. In this situation we suggest using a Transfer Belt with an assistant as per the instructions for "Persons needing assistance."

Q. I live alone; if I fell, how do I retrieve my Para Ladder?
A. There are two main ways to retrieve your Para Ladder following a fall. One, store the Para Ladder in a central location of your home or close to where you experience most of your falls. Then if you are not injured, safely scoot on the floor to the Para Ladder. Second, you can carry a cordless phone with you and call a family member or a neighbor to have them come to your home and bring the Para Ladder to you.

Q. Once I place an order, when will it be shipped?
A. The PL1000 folding units are ground shipped in 3 to 5 days. Special overnight shipping is available upon request. The PLC6000 ships in 2 to 3 weeks.

Q. Why do I need a Para Ladder?
A. A Para Ladder will help you safely regain life's simple pleasures. Whether you are 7 or 90, have ataxia, a spinal cord injury, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, an amputee, or other limited mobility challenges, the Para Ladder can safely assist you to once again play on the floor with children, swim, exercise or enjoy gardening. Live Life to the Fullest with your Para Ladder