We Care Designs, LLC
The Para Ladder
Manual Lift
Meets ADA 2010 Pool Standards


We Care Designs, LLC is determined to enrich people's lives through "Innovative Products for Independent Living". Working with patients and top health care professionals, We Care Designs, LLC will continually strive to provide answers to physically challenged people and their families.

Life can be challenging enough. Add the unique problems encountered by those with limited mobility, and it can be overwhelming. And it seems that technology only continues to disappoint and overlook those millions who need it most.

At We Care Designs, LLC, our passion is the development of patented technologies for challenged individuals world wide. We do this by revealing unaddressed needs and creating superior devices to fill those needs. The Para Ladder is just one such device. User feedback attests to the Para Ladder's power to enable independence and enjoyment of life's simple pleasures. We Care Designs, LLC. will continue to make life more enjoyable for the limited mobility people by our commitment to enhance our product line.